Nu Stream Realty 



Company Background

Nu Stream Realty was found in December 2015. It is a pioneering real estate company with a strong investment and resources background in association to the Lenovo Group.


By the end of Oct 2016, the company has been operating for less than one year. We have 168 local Real Estate Agents, 401 current active listings, and more than 907 deal completions. Our turnover is more than 1.22 billion Canadian Dollars. The company is growing rapidly weekly, expecting an estimated annual turnover exceeding 1.5 billion Canadian Dollars. In addition, Nu Stream Realty has based itself upon providing Real Estate Service to the Chinese market globally, and it has begun to expand the overseas market.





Service Area

Nu Stream Realty focuses on real estate investment, commercial real estate, as well as, strategic marketing planning, investment consulting and real estate licensing training.


The company has successfully established 13 teams, providing services in Vancouver West/Richmond, Burnaby, West Vancouver/North Shore, East Vancouver, Korean Speaking, Langley, Tri-cities, North Surrey/Delta, and South Surrey/White Rock, South Delta. Additionally, our Commercial Department offers a full range of Sales & leasing services for your property.  Also, Nu Stream Commercial provides project marketing services for all of the real estate sectors including industrial, office, retail and residential.



Company Positioning and Unique Management Features


Providing real estate services to the global Chinese market.


Strategic team work collaboration, usage of practical social media platforms, and business Partnership with Lenovo Group China, providing clients with professional services to ensure efficiency and satisfaction for each transaction. Also allowing Realtors to be more professional more focused, to better serve their clients, and to grow rapidly along with outstanding performances and result.


Company Culture


We strive for standardized management, healthy upward culture, immense goals, and highest customer satisfaction possible.


Strategic Cooperation


In addition to its continuous growth, Nu Stream Realty places great importance on strategic cooperation with its business partners. At present, Nu Stream Realty is collaborating with numerous real estate social media platforms that hold a large number of investors, providing first hand information on the local properties to the potential buyers; minimizing the selling period and maximizing the property exposure.